Monday, October 15, 2012

Musical Monday - Modern Poetry (Nerdy Love Song) by The Doubleclicks

Things mentioned in this song that I have not done: Gone to a modern poetry reading, consumed instant apple cider mix, played Magic: The Gathering, attended a Renaissance Faire, played the bass in a heavy metal band. Things mentioned in this song that I have done: Gone to an open mike night. Even as a geek I seem to have a lot of things left to do. Although I don't know about the poetry reading. Or the instant apple cider mix. And you don't want me trying my hand at music. And I have played other CCGs, mainly the Babylon 5 CCG and the Illuminati: The New World Order CCG. Just not Magic: The Gathering, which is probably as good thing because I'm reasonably certain that I'd become addicted to it almost immediately and never do anything but build decks again.

So that leaves a Renaissance Faire. I hear Maryland has a nice one. I may have to check it out the next time it happens.

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