Monday, December 24, 2012

Musical Monday - Present Face by Garfunkel & Oates

I think almost every book lover, gamer, or nerdy individual can identify with this song. With very few exceptions it seems that most people simply don't believe you when you tell them you'd like a copy of John Scalzi's latest book, a copy of the Rankin-Bass animated Hobbit, some Star Wars Legos, or an obscure gaming supplement published by Wizards of the Coast. They figure that because they would never want something like that, you don't really want it either, so instead they get you a copy of the latest Adam Sandler movie, even though you have said several times that you loathe Adam Sandler. "This one is funny!" they say, "You'll like it, I promise". And because throwing their thoughtlessly acquired piece of crap in the trash right then and there is considered impolite, you smile, say thank you, and die a little bit inside.

And, of course, because social custom demands this sort of false politeness, the cycle continues. Because you can't ever tell the gift giver that they suck at buying you gifts, you get a constant stream of junk you have no use for at every gift exchanging event. And turnabout is not seen as fair play - if you start buying everyone else geek oriented gifts then you are seen as being impolite. Because you bought them something that they didn't want, or even like. Never mind that they've been doing the same thing to you for years. Their gifts are good gifts that you, the ungrateful geek, should like, because they are "normal". Because we all need to be "fixed" so that we'll give up the things that we love and love "normal" stuff.

So, if you are a geek, holidays are, and sadly probably always will be, a time to practice your "present face".

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  1. Or maybe it's time to exchange gifts with people who know you better and are perfectly ok with getting you a Tribbles CD.

  2. @Anonymous: That sounds like a good plan.

  3. Regift the bad presents to charities. I bet your local library could use that horrible Adam Sandler flick. :)

  4. @Moonlit Librarian: There are some horrors so terrible that I won't release them back into the world to prey upon an unsuspecting public.