Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Musical Monday - Stargate SG-1 Opening Theme

Continuing with music related to my list of the top ten science fiction television shows, here is the opening theme song of Stargate SG-1. Though the show used the same musical theme for the entire run of the series, it used different opening credit sequences (to, among other things, account for the changes in the cast), and all nine different opening credits are included here, giving an interesting view into how the show evolved and changed over its run (or at least it did until the original video was deleted, now it is just the opening credits for season one).

Though I loved the show, and I like the opening credits, I'm not a huge fan of the opening theme. Though it starts off in a moody and atmospheric manner, it quickly flows into moderately obnoxious bombast that doesn't really fit the myth based nature of the show. Given that the main villains started off being aliens who impersonate Egyptian gods, something that gave a nod towards that in the theme seems like it would have made the theme a lot better. That's kind of small beer however, because if your complaints about a show boil down to "the theme song isn't exactly to my liking", then the show is probably pretty good.

And Stargate SG-1 was excellent. I've had some people question why I placed this show ahead of the original Star Trek in my ranking of science fiction television shows. After all, Star Trek is an iconic moment in television history, and Stargate SG-1 is, well, not. Even so, Stargate SG-1 was a better show, with better thought out science fiction, better written characters, and better stories. Which is probably why it is the longest running science fiction show ever to air on U.S. television.

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