Monday, September 9, 2013

Musical Monday - The Trouble With Tribbbles (Andy Fark) by Five Year Mission

Five Year Mission, for those who do not know, is a band dedicated to writing a song for each of the episodes of the original Star Trek series. They are currently in the middle of recording the third set of sixteen songs for their Year 3 CD, and the extraordinarily popular episode The Trouble With Tribbles falls in this group of programs. Rather than simply handing the episode off to one of the band members to write a single song about this near definitive episode of the show, Five Year Mission decided to change things up a bit and have every single member write their own song about Tribbles and then release them all on an EP.

This change of pace inspired drummer Andy Fark to write his first song for the band, the song featured here. Fark normally doesn't write songs. Or really do much of anything in the band except play drums. He's really good at playing the drums, but one of the running jokes that the band has used is to list all of the different things that the other members do in their recordings and performances interspersed with cuts of Farks saying, "and I play drums". Well, that joke is now somewhat outdated, because now Andy Fark can add "songwriter" to his list of contributions. He can also add "shown playing every part for the song in a music video" as well, since that's him in the video not only playing drums, but also playing guitar (twice), bass, and singing lead. Don't worry about the other members of the band though, they still have jobs: Mike has a sweet gig as a janitor, Chris is working the sound board, and Noah and P.J. are selling merchandise and drinking beer. At least that's what they are up to until Andy wakes up from his dream.

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