Monday, October 7, 2013

Musical Monday - The Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

Since I have been recently writing some Norse inspired fiction, my thoughts have naturally turned to The Immigrant Song, or as I call it, "Led Zeppelin's Viking Saga". When I was a teen and first encountered Led Zeppelin, I was already interested in Norse mythology mostly as the result of a book passed down from my grandparents that contained the bulk of the tales of the Asgardians and the Volsungs. From there, I developed an interest in stories about the people variously called Vikings, Norsemen, or Danes in the history books that a preteen boy could get his hands on. When I found role-playing games, my interest in topics like medieval Scandinavian history only intensified, and I threw myself into it as only an eleven year old can.

So when I heard The Immigrant Song, it was almost like coming home for me. I immediately got all of the mythological references. Even though the song is driven by a pulse pounding heavy metal guitar riff, it sounded to me like a song that Nordic warriors rowing through heavy seas in a salt water soaked ship would appreciate. The rhythm feels like waves battering the wooden hull of an open boat as bearded sailors try to keep it afloat and reach their goal so they can pillage and plunder. The song feels, in short, like a Viking raiding party.

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