Monday, August 3, 2015

Musical Monday - The Cage by Five Year Mission

As we have every year that we have gone to Gen Con, the redhead and I went to a lot of musical performances this go around. We saw the Doubleclicks (twice), Molly Lewis (also twice), Sarah Donner, Paul & Storm, the Shake-ups, and, of course, Five Year Mission (twice). They played two sets that were heavy on songs from their most recent Spock's Brain album, which was great because the album is quite good. However, neither were my dream Five Year Mission set. So I decided that over the next several weeks worth of Musical Monday posts, I'm going to map out what my dream Five Year Mission set would be, starting this week with The Cage.

Why The Cage? Simply put, this is the song that I think every Five Year Mission performance should open with. Not only is it about the original unaired pilot episode of the original Star Trek series, it opens with a set of notes that just sound like Star Trek, immediately putting the listener into the right frame of mind for a whole bunch of music about Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty and the rest of the crew of the starship Enterprise. I know, this song isn't actually about any of those characters - well, except Spock, who was the only character to transition from this pilot episode into the series itself - but the song, like the episode itself, is the foundation upon which the rest of the edifice is built. As a result, I think this song should be front and center, and in my dream Five Year Mission set, it is.

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