Monday, November 2, 2015

Musical Monday - Where No Man Has Gone Before by Five Year Mission

After a side track for some Halloween themed music, it is back to the Dream Five Year Mission set.

Where No Man Has Gone Before was originally filmed as a replacement pilot episode for the series after the network rejected The Cage as being "too cerebral". The script was one of two offered to the network as a replacement pilot - the other one was later filmed as the episode The Omega Glory, which is arguably the worst episode of the entire series. Although filmed as a pilot, Where No Man Has Gone Before was the third aired, which must have been somewhat disorienting for viewers during the original run of the series, because there are several noticeable differences between this episode of Star Trek and pretty much every other.

The most readily apparent difference between Where No Man Has Gone Before and the episodes that preceded and followed it is the absence of DeForest Kelly as Dr. McCoy. Instead, Paul Fix appears as Dr. Piper. In addition, Nichelle Nichols as Lieutenant Uhuru is entirely absent from this episode. Lieutenant Sulu is identified in the episode as being the head of the ship's astrophysics department, a position and a department that is never mentioned again in the series. In all other episodes, Sulu is identified as the helmsman of the Enterprise. This is also the only episode of the original series without a voice over for the opening credits. On some very small notes, when Gary Mitchell creates a tombstone for Kirk, he puts the name "James R. Kirk" on it, and this episode is the only time a phaser rifle is seen in the series.

The episode makes for a good song though.

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