Monday, April 25, 2016

Musical Monday - Westerosi Pie by Paul & Storm

So, the Game of Thrones television series has started up again, launching a sixth season that is sure to be filled with murder, betrayal, sex, and political intrigue. Sometimes all at the same time. What this season won't have is the books to guide them, although to be fair, the television series has already deviated from the books here and there, and that hasn't seemed to hurt the show much, if at all. This is, however, uncharted territory for the series, as they have now outdistanced Martin's writing, which is kind of a feat since he started writing the series way back in 1996. On the other hand, he writes at an almost glacial pace, so maybe this development isn't all that surprising.

The show, like the books, features the deaths of beloved characters, as well as some not-so-beloved characters. And this is the cue that Paul & Storm took to write this song, which expresses the sorrow felt by many fans at the cruel fates that many of the inhabitants of Westeros meet, setting it all to the tune of Don MacLean's American Pie, making it a song that is almost tailor-made for singing along with.

To help them out, Paul & Storm brought some of their friend up on stage to help perform it, including the Doubleclicks and Molly Lewis, who were great as always, as well as Alton Brown - with the cooking show host displaying some pretty fair musical talent. Also chipping in were Greg Benson and Hal Lublin. It turns out that on-stage misery is funniest when it is shared among several people.

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