Monday, May 9, 2016

Musical Monday - Come and Get Your Love by Redbone

So, Captain America: Civil War is a great movie. You should go see it. Now. You can come back to this post when you're done. I'll wait.

While Civil War does have a soundtrack, the reigning champion of all Marvel Cinematic Universe movie soundtracks is still Guardians of the Galaxy. So here is some music that inspired Peter Quill as he set out to steal the orb containing an infinity gem from the abandoned and ruined temple that it was apparently being stored in. One has to wonder exactly why it was there for so long if it was as coveted an object as it is supposed to be, since there didn't seem to be much trouble getting to it beyond some puddles and a rift that appears would be fairly easy to cross even if one didn't have rocket boots. Sure, the door was locked, but those doors didn't really look like they would be all that tough to simply break down. I suppose the stand might have been tricky to deal with, but it seems clear that no one before Quill even got that far. Of course, if Quill doesn't steal the orb there isn't a movie, so this musing is kind of silly, but even so, it just seems implausible that an artifact that valuable sat in a vault long enough for structure around it to decay that much.

Anyway, just sit back and enjoy Redbone performing Come and Get Your Love.

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