Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Musical Monday - You Ruined Everything by Jonathan Coulton

So, the redhead and I had a lot of plans we had worked out for this year, and a lot of possible plans we had sketched out for the longer term future. And now all those plans are derailed, because in an entirely unexpected plot twist our duo is going to become a trio. Nineteen years after I first became a father, I'm going to become one for the third time, and this is a little bit of a surprise. This means that everything the redhead and I had planned to do is now entirely up in the air. We had planned to go to several conventions. Now we don't know how many, if any, of those we will attend. We had planned out a few trips. Now I think at least some of those won't happen. And so on.

There she is, on the left - the architect of all this ruination. Her name is Sophia Rey Tiberius Pound, and she'll be making her first appearance outside the womb in early August.

Subsequent Musical Monday: Rocky Mountain High by John Denver

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  1. Replies
    1. @Laura. Thanks! We are definitely happy about this, even though it did take us by surprise.

  2. I did the same thing for my dad nineteen years after my oldest brother -- I don't think he holds it against me though!

    1. @Laura: One thing I worry about is Sophie's future relationship with her siblings. They are so much older than her, will they be able to have a "sibling" relationship that works? if you don't mind me asking, how is your relationship with your much older siblings?