Saturday, December 31, 1994

1994 Prometheus Award Nominees

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Comments: Although it didn't win, one has to wonder why Beggars in Spain was nominated for the Prometheus Award. I suspect that its nomination was something of a case of mistaken identity. Originally, Beggars in Spain was published as a novella, and the dominant theme of that novella was the contrast between the productive members of society with those who, through either inability or inclination, were not - a contrast highlighted by an analogy concerning "beggars in Spain" that gave the story its title. Later, Kress expanded the story into a novel, and in the final third of the new version turned around and eviscerated the earlier libertarian premises. I suspect that those who nominated the book were either content with a book that brought up libertarian ideas, even if it then engaged in some criticism of them, or simply didn't read the expanded story and didn't realize that it contained this kind of turnaround in tenor.

Best Novel

Pallas by L. Neil Smith

Other Nominees:
Beggars in Spain by Nancy Kress
Rainbow Man by M.J. Engh
The Silicon Man by Charles Platt
Virtual Girl by Amy Thomson

Hall of Fame

We by Yevgeny Zamyatin

Other Nominees:

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