Sunday, December 31, 2000

2000 Clarke Award Nominees

Location: United Kingdom.

Comments: One interesting thing about the Clarke Awards is how much the nominees lists seem to favor hard science fiction. Stephen Baxter, one of the hardest of hard science fiction authors, holds the record for the most nominations. This year's nominee's include Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon, a hard science fiction story about code breakers, and Vernor Vinge's hard science fiction space opera A Deepness in the Sky. This year's winner - Bruce Sterling's Distraction - is also an example of hard science fiction. I suppose this is fitting, as much of Clarke's work can best be described as being part of this subgenre.

Distraction by Bruce Sterling

The Bones of Time by Kathleen Ann Goonan
Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson
A Deepness in the Sky by Vernor Vinge
Silver Screen by Justina Robson
Time: Manifold 1 by Stephen Baxter

What Are the Arthur C. Clarke Awards?

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