Saturday, April 4, 1970

Babylon 5, Season 2: The Coming of Shadows

Episode 1: Points of Departure
Episode 2: Revelations
Episode 3: The Geometry of Shadows
Episode 4: A Distant Star
Episode 5: The Long Dark
Episode 6: A Spider in the Web
Episode 7: A Race Through Dark Places
Episode 8: Soul Mates
Episode 9: The Coming of Shadows
Episode 10: GROPOS
Episode 11: All Alone in the Night
Episode 12: Acts of Sacrifice
Episode 13: Hunter, Prey
Episode 14: There All the Honor Lies
Episode 15: And Now for a Word
Episode 16: Knives
Episode 17: In the Shadow of Zha'ha'dum
Episode 18: Confessions and Lamentations
Episode 19: Divided Loyalties
Episode 20: The Long, Twilight Struggle
Episode 21: Comes the Inquisitor
Episode 22: The Fall of Night

Season One: Signs & Portents
Season Three: Point of No Return

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