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Firefly was a short lived, but brilliant science fiction series created by Joss Weedon that originally aired on the Fox network in 2002. After Fox had aired the episodes out of their intended order, preempted the show several times, and assigned it to the Friday night "death slot", the show predictably had low ratings. Instead of identifying their grossly incompetent mishandling of the property as the cause, the network executives at Fox made an decision that can only be described as "incredibly moronic" and decided the product was the problem and cancelled the show after only eleven episodes had aired. The final three episodes, which had been filmed but not aired by Fox, were shown by the SciFi channel in 2003. Weedon was able to bring some closure to the series with the feature movie Serenity, which was released in 2005 and tied up a number of loose threads from the original show, although in a fairly rushed and somewhat unsatisfying manner.

Episode 1: Serenity
Episode 2: The Train Job
Episode 3: Bushwhacked
Episode 4: Shindig
Episode 5: Safe
Episode 6: Our Mrs. Reynolds
Episode 7: Jaynestown
Episode 8: Out of Gas
Episode 9: Ariel
Episode 10: War Stories
Episode 11: Trash
Episode 12: The Message
Episode 13: Heart of Gold
Episode 14: Objects in Space


Original FOX network airdate order:
Episode 1: The Train Job
Episode 2: Bushwhacked
Episode 3: Our Mrs. Reynolds
Episode 4: Jaynestown
Episode 5: Out of Gas
Episode 6: Shindig
Episode 7: Safe
Episode 8: Ariel
Episode 9: War Stories
Episode 10: Objects in Space
Episode 11: Serenity

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