Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Event - Nevada Rose Book Release Party

So where will I be this Thursday at 8:00 PM? I'll be in New York attending the book release of Nevada Rose by Marc McAndrews (the Facebook page for Marc McAndrews Photography can be found here) at Bubby's located at 1 Main Street in Brooklyn. Julia Haltigan and Amber Martin will be performing, and both Dennis Hof (the owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch featured on HBO's Cathouse series) and Mika Tan are scheduled to attend. You can get tickets here if you want to attend, although I have no idea how many are still available.

The book Nevada Rose is a photographic journey across rural Nevada that takes a long look at the two dozen or so legal brothels that dot its landscape. I have not yet seen the completed book, but the portions I have seen look beautiful. The best description I can give based upon what I know is that it captures the last vestiges of the Old West that have been crossed with the gaudy glitter of the legal sex industry. The book features many of the women who ply their trade selling sex in the hinterlands of Nevada among them the aforementioned Mika Tan (who I will note has since retired from working at the Bunny Ranch), but also Brooke Taylor, Maya Love, Camryn Cross, and Bunny Love. Not content with merely showing the obvious side of the brothel industry in Nevada, Marc also turned his camera on the other people who make the brothels function - cashiers, cooks, drivers, and cleaning crew among others, giving a much grittier and comprehensive view of the legal sex industry. The book has been reviewed in Publisher's Weekly, Working Class Magazine, City Arts, and Interview Magazine. Once I get my copy I am certainly going to review it as well.

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