Friday, May 20, 2011

Follow Friday - Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses

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And now for the Follow Friday Question: Circle time! It's circle time. Time for us to open up and share. Can you tell us FIVE quirky habits or things about you? We all have them . . .

1. I am ridiculously optimistic about my ability to get things done. As a result I usually take on more projects than I can possibly complete in a reasonable time frame. I know that I am too piled high with commitments already. And yet I continue to take on new ones. This may indicate that I am slightly insane. (By the way, sorry I have been so slow responding to your questions Logan, I will send you my answers soon. I promise).

2. I get so many periodicals (The Economist, National Geographic, Locus, Science News, Poets & Writers Magazine, Asimov's Science Fiction, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Realms of Fantasy, and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction) that it is a constant struggle to keep up with reading them quickly enough to leave time to pare down my mammoth mountain of books in my "to-read" stack.

3. This probably comes as no surprise to anyone who has read my blog, but I am ridiculously verbose when I write. This is unintentional. Every time I sit down to write something I fully intend to write something short and quick, but as I work at it I always find I have just one more thing I want to say, and then one more, and then another. And then I find that I have written have six more paragraphs than I thought I was going to write. I know - its a sickness.

4. I don't like pickles. Any time I order food that has pickles on it, I give them to my wife, who loves pickles. But if she's not with me I will eat the pickle myself. At McDonalds, for example, I will take the pickles off of their burgers and eat them separately (so as not to ruin the enjoyment of the burger with pickle flavor). I paid for the pickle. I'm not going to throw it away. I'm going to eat it even though I don't like it. I'm weird like that.

5. Even though I am a huge science fiction and fantasy fan, I don't believe in the supernatural. At all. I know this makes me kind of a downer, but I simply don't believe that there are spirits living in your attic or there are angels guiding your destiny. I don't believe people have telepathic or telekinetic powers. I think con artists who claim to be able to contact the "other side" like John Edwards and Sylvia Brown are vile boils on the ass of humanity. I think the best way to tell of a self-professed psychic is lying is to check to see if their lips are moving. I really don't believe that there are sexy shirtless vampires brooding over their lost humanity and wondering whether to ask you to be their girlfriend. Sorry.

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  1. You are hilarious. I am guilty of numbers 1 and 2 as well. I'm always overextending myself, and just yesterday my husband was again expressing his annoyance with my MOUNTAIN of magazines yet to be read. :)

  2. Wow! You are funny. I love your verbose explanation and then seeing that you have the longest explanations of your quirks than anyone else. But, they were very interesting and I wasn't bored at all.

  3. I think so much of your personality comes through in your writing. If you wrote less, it wouldn't showcase you so much.

    The need to eat the pickles is unusual. Why not just ask for no pickles?

  4. Oh! Oh! Oh! First of all, love the song Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses!

    1. I believe in the supernatural, but obviously not vampires, zombies and crap like that (pure fantasy). Just to post a disclaimer sounds ridiculous. I definitely do not believe in those con artists who make money off the suffering of desperate people. If you have enough people (suffering people) in your audience, there will always be someone who says - why yes, my father had red hair and he died of a heart attack...bah humbug! Taking advantage of people like that should be a crime!

    Out of order, I know, but I love your verbosity. Keep it up.

    Periodicals - I have cut down to two, Food and Wine (yum) and The New Yorker - but I only get the New Yorker because my sister insists that I read it and every year she gets me a subscription over my protests. Sorry, The New Yorker is the most depressing magazine on the planet. Just looking at the cover depresses me. It reminds me of the old guy on the Monopoly cards - he depresses me too! So, my New Yorkers are donated to a dentist's waiting room. As if being at the dentist isn't depressing enough!

    My book TBR pile is horrendous. I only read nonfiction when I'm working.

    I don't like pickles either! Too salty! But yet, I love salt and vinegar potato chips. Go figure!

  5. I am exactly the same way about getting things done. Except I don't always get them done as a result. I take on a million things at once because I think I have all of my time organized and scheduled and it never turns out the way I want it to. Happy Friday! New follower!

    My FF

  6. Hopping by! I love pickles but I don't like to have them on my food. I prefer to eat them plain. Happy hop :) Read about my quirks:

    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

  7. This is a fun question. I’m learning so much about everybody and I don’t think most of us are as quirky as we think we are.

    My quirks seem normal enough. As I wrote them I woke up to the fact a lot of my quirks create inner conflicts. I’ve got a lot to think about!

    Follow me Back to my blog and see what quirks I’ve got –

    Howard A. Sherman

  8. Hopping through. Lots of people don't like pickles. I've always enjoyed them. Especially really sour dill ones. And they have to be crisp.
    My Hop

  9. @Logan: I am so backed up on reading my magazines that I don't know why I get some of them. And I just made my mountain of unread books problem much, much worse . . . see my post that goes up today.

  10. @Jenni: Thank you. The thing that makes it really funny is that every time I sit down to write something I say to myself, "this time I'll be concise!" And then I write a thousand words.

  11. @Sarah: Asking for no pickles in McDonalds (or similar places) means that your food will take forever to arrive.

  12. @Julia: You always leave some of the best comments. I agree with you it should be a crime to con people like that. The sad thing is that their cons have been exposed (the trick of cold reading is not that hard to learn and a lot of magicians use it as part of their act as entertainment) and yet people still believe they are actually contacting the "other side".

    I don't like salt and vinegar chips, but my wife and son love them. My son doesn't like sour cream and onion chips though, but me and my daughter love them. Taste is a strange thing.

    I just made my Mount To-Be-read a lot bigger (see today's post when it goes up).

  13. @Loren: I make "to do" lists all the time to try to get myself on track, and then the list always takes five times as long to complete as I thought. Someday I'll figure out how to manage my time. But I don't think it will be today.

  14. @Crystal: My wife and son love pickles and eat them out of the jar. My son would drink the pickle juice if we let him.

  15. @Alison: Taste is a funny thing. I don't know why I don't like pickles, or why others do. My parents love to have raw tomatoes on everything, I don't like raw tomatoes under any circumstances. How I managed to avoid inheriting my parents' love of raw tomatoes is a mystery I have always wondered about, since it seems like this should be an heritable trait.