Monday, July 23, 2012

Musical Monday - Lonely Like Me by The Doubleclicks

Usually when I post a Doubleclicks video it is because their song is reflective of how I am feeling. There is something about their songs that very often seems to capture my moods. Today is only partially one of those days. It is not Valentine's Day and I am not lonely. Otherwise, this song is dead on.

One aspect of the Doubleclicks that has been present from the outset, even when they were still limited to songs like this one (which, by the way, does not seem to have made it on to any of their CDs, and appears not to be available in any format except for this YouTube video) is their ability to capture what it is like to be a nerd on a visceral level. There are many artists who capture the fun and oddity of the nerd world, but no one seems to share their ability to get to the emotional core of nerdiness the way Angela and Aubrey can.

As an aside, my favorite parts of the video are the line about vomit and Aubrey's reactions to the lyrics.

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