Saturday, September 22, 2012

30 Days of Genre - What Is Your Favorite Book Trailer for a Genre Novel?

These are the sorts of questions that highlight just how idiosyncratic of a book blogger I am. Whereas it seems that most of my fellow book bloggers are plugged into the world of upcoming releases, exciting book trailers, and fan-made soundtracks for books, I find myself mucking about with cheap paperbacks published a decade or more before I was born, or collections of short stories that appeared in pulp magazines back when there was still a thriving pulp magazine industry.

So, the problem for me for this question is that most of the books I read and review don't actually have book trailers, that sort of thing being in the far future when they were published and marketed. And for the books I read that are recent enough to have book trailers, I just don't watch them. The truth is that I had never even heard of a book trailer until I started doing the 30 Days of Genre meme. So my range of choices is fairly limited, both by the nature of the books I read and my own personal lack of experience looking at book trailers.

So, I'll pick a book that I like that happens to be one of the few books that I have seen the book trailer that goes with it. The Dust of 100 Dogs (read review) by A.S. King is a brilliant book about Saffron, a poor girl in modern day Pennsylvania, and Emer, an Irish pirate in the 16th century, and their oddly intertwined lives, as well as the curse that requires Emer to live out a hundred lives as a dog. I have no idea how the trailer for this book matches up to trailers for other books, but I loved this book, so I figure that's as good a reason as any to choose this as my favorite trailer. Because a trailer is supposed to promote a book, and anyone who picks up this book is going to enjoy reading it.

As long as I'm at it, I may as well point out that the other brilliant book by A.S. King that I have read is Please Ignore Vera Dietz (read review), and it also has a fun trailer to watch. I didn't select Vera Dietz here, but that is only because the book is not really a genre book, although it does have some genre-like elements. In any event, I'm going to put that book trailer here too, because I can. I hope that you enjoy both of the trailers.


  1. I've never watched any book trailers. Just don't like them.

  2. @Adina: One thing I've wondered since I became aware of book trailers is why we don't just call them what they are: commercials. A movie trailer at least shows you snippets of the movie being advertised, which can kid of justify calling it by a different name. But a "book trailer" is just an advertisement for the book. Why don't we just call it that?

  3. I suppose book ad doesn't have the same ring to it :)

  4. @Adina: True. "Book commercial" doesn't sound much better either. Trailer still seems like a misnomer though.