Monday, February 18, 2013

Musical Monday - The Bed Song by Amanda Palmer

I thought a long time before using the song for my Musical Monday. But when I heard the song I wondered if Amanda had some sort of spy camera into my past, because I lived this song for a while. Distance in a relationship, if allowed to grow, will do so. Fortunately or unfortunately, I don't have that kind of life any more. In the song, the ending for the couple depicted is a happy one, because I think that despite her tough facade, Amanda is a romantic at heart and yearns for beautiful and joyous conclusions to love stories.

In my case, the distance became irreparable, and the only options were to continue to live like the couple in the song do, in a shared loneliness for years and decades, or to make the hard choice. I made the hard choice. And while I think it was the right thing to do, it wasn't easy, the cost in so many ways has been very high, and it doesn't get any easier. Tragedy is a wonderful genre for artistic expression, but living it is painful.

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