Monday, March 18, 2013

Musical Monday - Red Dwarf Closing Theme by Jenna Russell

A couple years ago I made a list of the Top Ten Science Fiction Television Shows. I still stand by that list, and the reasons that I gave for placing each show on the list. So for the next several Musical Mondays, I'm going to be going through the theme music for all of these shows. Why? Because I like the shows and I like their music.

So I'm starting with number ten on the list - the British science fiction comedy Red Dwarf. While I am planning on highlighting the opening theme for most of these shows, for Red Dwarf, I'm going to go with the closing theme. Because, as with so many other elements of the show, Red Dwarf took the opportunity to make even its credits, and the order they were shown in, part of the spoof. The opening credits for the show are dull, and the music that accompanies them has changed almost every season. But the real theme song of the show, sung by Jenna Russell, is played over the closing credits. It's not a huge joke, but running the theme song at the end of the show, more or less backwards from what most shows do, is just one more little bit of humor thrown in by one of the most biting and hilarious works of televised science fiction satire that has ever aired.

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  1. "It's cold outside, there's no kind of atmosphere . . ." Boy does that bring back memories. I loved the show, but that song definitely sticks in the brain.

  2. @Bob Milne: It is a catchy song, and the best part is that it really does seem to capture the spirit of the show.