Monday, March 4, 2013

Musical Monday - The Very Thing That Makes You Rich (Makes Me Poor) by Ry Cooder

This week I am going to be a little bit cryptic. There will be a few people who will see this and know exactly why I chose this somewhat bitter but incredibly brilliant blues song as my Musical Monday selection for today. They will understand why this song is appropriate for my life right now, and why this particular piece of Ry Cooder's music speaks to me at this point in time.

For everyone else, you might be able to guess why I chose this, but all you really need to do is just sit back and enjoy listening to Ry Cooder. In general, just sitting back and listening to Ry Cooder is pretty good advice. Well, it is if you enjoy good blues guitar music.

One interesting point about Ry Cooder is that he seems to be an illustration of the fact that massive talent and hard work does not necessarily translate into massive success. He's had a long and reasonably successful career. After all, he makes a comfortable living playing music. But because he plays blues music, and because he hasn't been overproduced into comfortable pablum, he has never been as successful as the artists who routinely top the charts even though he is clearly a much better musician than they are, and works at least at hard at his career.

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