Monday, April 1, 2013

Musical Monday - Dead Puppies by Ogden Edsl

Because it is April 1st, I am taking a break from featuring the music of my top ten science fiction television shows on Musical Monday in order to feature a completely truthful song. As the lyrics state, dead puppies aren't much fun. This was Ogden Edsl's most popular song, and is the only song to top Dr. Demento's "Funny 25" countdown two years in a row. The song was the most requested song on the Dr. Demento Show for a long period of time, and the most complained about song as well. It was not, however, Ogden Edsl's most controversial song. That would be Kinko the Clown, which is about a pedophile who poses as a clown to lure children to him. The tastelessness of Dead Puppies pales in comparison.

Ogden Edsl represents a kind of band that would be rendered almost obsolete in the modern era. The pervasiveness of the media essentially killed off the small labels that recorded quirky local bands and released limited runs of their albums. These bands now turn to the internet and record their material on their own, and if they are lucky, they become a viral sensation for a couple weeks, and then they vanish. The fact that the sort of bubbling local music scene that would allow a band like Ogden Edsl a career with the freedom to write and record deliciously weird music is mostly dead makes me sad.

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