Monday, April 29, 2013

Musical Monday - The Doctor Who Opening Theme (1974-1981)

Continuing my project of incorporating the music from my list of the Top Ten Science Fiction Television Shows into my Musical Monday series, this week's choice is from Doctor Who, the number seven show on my list of selections, and one of the longest running shows in the history of television. There have been many Doctors, and there have been many Doctor Who theme songs. Granted, they are all very similar, but to the trained ear of a Whovian, they are all easily distinguishable. This is the opening set from the period running from 1974 to 1981, which happens to coincide with the run of Tom Baker as the Doctor.

Every Whovian has "their" Doctor, and it is almost always the man who was playing the Doctor when they first saw the show. "My" Doctor is Tom Baker - my mental image of the Doctor always comes with an old coat with deep pockets full of unending supplies of jelly babies, unruly hair topped with a rumpled hat, and finished off with a ridiculously long scarf. And he's probably walking around with Sarah Jane Smith, Leela, or Romana and saving the universe. Or at least the world.

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  1. Loved listening to the Who theme again! :) I would love to be able to tell which theme came from which era actually - I should work on that. I saw the 6th Doctor first, but 4th is one of my top faves. :)

    1. Charlene C: Maybe I'll post each of the themes over the next six weeks. This particular theme was actually used for the third and fourth doctors, but the credit sequence here was obviously only used for the fourth one.