Monday, December 23, 2013

Musical Monday - Christmas Eve Eve by Paul & Storm

So today is December 23rd, a day that is only really notable because there really isn't anything notable about it. It isn't the Winter Solstice. It isn't Christmas Eve, or Christmas, or even Boxing Day. It is just the day that seems to be the pregnant pause between the frenzy of holiday preparation and the actual Christmas holiday celebration. As Paul & Storm say, the 23rd seems to be a day that is mostly about waiting for other days to arrive.

But as frustrating as a day like December 23rd is for those who are young enough to be looking forward to Santa's arrival, I think it is more and more necessary to have this day and other days like it stuck into the middle of the hectic holiday season. More and more it seems that people run themselves ragged trying to create the perfect Christmas, and in the process it seems like we are missing actually enjoying ourselves during the Yule time. Instead, we have to put up piles of Christmas decorations, cook enormous amounts of food, drive insane distances, shop for a myriad of Christmas gifts, and put in a lot of other work in order to meet the artificial standards we think we must meet. And in the process, we tire ourselves out so that instead of being an enjoyable, relaxing time with family and friends, we are exhausted and must crawl back to work after the holidays just to recover.

So I'd like to suggest that we should all take December 23rd and do nothing. Make it a national holiday of rest so we can all sleep late and not do anything productive at all. Require all of the stores and businesses across the country to close, and let everyone have the day off work. We'll all be better off.

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