Monday, February 17, 2014

Musical Artist - Tabletop Games by The Doubleclicks (featuring Adam WarRock)

So the Doubleclicks are going to be on Wil Wheaton's internet show Table Top to play Lords of Vegas, and I say it is about time that these two great flavors of nerdity were combined.

For anyone who does not know, Table Top is a regular feature on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel created by Felicia Day working in collaboration with Wil Wheaton and numerous other nerdy celebrities. The format for the show is simple: Wil gathers together three nerdy guest stars such as Anne Wheaton, Ron Roddenberry, Amy Dallen, Kate Micucci, Veronica Belmont, Phil LaMarr, and John Scalzi, and then the four of them play a tabletop board game such as Settlers of Catan, Smash Up, or Carcassonne (or sometimes, play a couple of shorter tabletop board games like Tsuro or 12 Days) while being filmed. Wil gives the viewer a rough overview of the rules before the game, and then the four players set about playing and bantering among themselves until someone wins (or in the case of a cooperative game, until everyone at the table wins or loses). There is a brief after game segment where Wil talks with the people on the "loser's couch" (a group that he is unusually frequently a member of), and then goes to congratulate the winner and present him with a trophy that must be immediately returned (in the first season), or a certificate recognizing the victor for a nonsensical achievement (in the second season). That's pretty much the show. And it is brilliant, because the love Wil (and most of his guests) have for Table Top gaming shines through in each episode. It is also a great way to see games that you have not played and decide if they look like something you would be interested in trying.

And this week two of the guests on the show will be Angela and Aubrey Webber, bringing their love of games with them. And they are so excited that they decided to write a song about tabletop games and name it Tabletop Games, which even includes a rapping break by nerdy rap star Adam WarRock. The combination of Wil Wheaton and the Doubleclicks is sure to make for the best episode of the show to ever hit You Tube.

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