Friday, August 22, 2014

Follow Friday - 172 Baucis Is an Asteroid Discovered by French Astronomer Alphonse Borrelly

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And now for the Follow Friday Question: What book or series do you think would make a better television show than a movie?

Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion Series

My pick is Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion series, which is actually not one book series, but rather several interlinked series revolving around a single individual. The main character is Elric of Melnibone, who is also Corum, Erekose (also known as John Daker), Hawkmoon, and several dozen other incarnations. Each incarnation is, unknowingly at first, the champion of the Cosmic Balance in the center of the conflict between Law and Chaos, doomed to a life of strife and conflict. When one incarnation dies, the eternal champion is reborn in another universe, destined to take up his role yet again. Sometimes, the eternal champion encounters another version of himself when preserving the Cosmic Balance requires more than the usual amount of effort.

Creating a television series made out of the dozens of books that make up the Eternal Champion cycle would be a substantial effort, and it would require an almost wholesale cast change every few seasons when a new incarnation of the champion became the lead of the series. In many cases, the series would have a change of tone as well - for example, Elric lives in the remnants of a baroque empire of sword-wielding sorcerers, while Hawkmoon lives in a world full of weird science that might be called steampunk if Moorcock had not written the stories before the term "steampunk" was coined, and so on. One might object that this would confuse viewers, but I figure that viewers are able to handle the various regenerations of the Doctor and constantly shifting worlds on Doctor Who, so they should be able to handle the rebirths of the eternal champion as well.

More importantly, given the structure of the Eternal Champion series, there is simply no way to do it justice in a movie, or even a series of movies. Each incarnation of the champion has his own story, his own world, his own set of family, allies, and enemies, and many have their own endlessly reincarnating sidekick, all of which could be presented in a dedicated movie. But the interconnections between the incarnations and the over arching pattern that links all of them together, would be impossible to effectively explain to the viewers, and a great deal of what makes the series interesting would be lost. Each individual champion's story is interesting, but they are even more interesting when one can see their place in the overall mosaic.

I don't think an Eternal Champion television series will ever be made. To do so and to do it well would require a level of effort that would probably be greater than the effort that has been required to bring the Song of Ice and Fire series to HBO. But if someone did, they would have enough material to provide years of action-filled, weird, and thought-provoking episodes.

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  1. I haven't tried that series, it sounds good. I'm an existing follower.
    Diane @ Diane's Book Blog

    1. @Diane Subsits Lynch: It is actually several interconnected series. If you are interested in trying it, I'd suggest starting with the Elric, Hawkmoon, or Corum series. The Elric series starts with Elric of Melnibone, the Hawkmoon series starts with The Jewel in the Skull, and the Corum series starts with The Knight of the Swords.

  2. Hi! *waves* I'm new to the blog hop! Following you via Bloglovin (loric5), and GFC5),

    1. @Lori Christensen: Nice to meet you! I'm now following you on Google+.

  3. Hello! I'm a new GFC and Twitter follower. Great pick! Here is my FF.

    1. @Georgia May: Thanks for following. I think it is a great pick too!

  4. Hi, I'm a new Bloglovin' follower and it's my first time participating in FF. I've never read the Eternal Champion series but it sounds really good.

    My FF

    1. @Tizzy Brown: It is a really good series. Or rather, a really good collection of series. There isn't really a specific starting point to the overall set, but each individual series has its own arc of progression.