Monday, August 4, 2014

Musical Monday - The Ballad of Eddie Prager by Paul & Storm

So, as a guy, I find myself visiting men's restrooms on a reasonably regular basis. And one in particular makes full use of the urinal cake. (It might be where I work, but if you quote me on that I will deny everything). And I absolutely cannot use the facilities without thinking of this song, terrible penny-whistle solo and all. I don't drink Schlitz, rye, or Jaeger at work (although some of my coworkers might be more enjoyable to be around if I did), so I'm not even close to replicating the scenario described here, but sometimes, out of the corner of my eye, I see glimpses of little eyes looking up at me from the brave little cake as it carries out its suicide mission.

I will also point out that in the video, Paul & Storm are in fine form with their repeated use of the "______ is the name of my ________ cover band" routine. As a side note, they sell shirts with blank spots that you can fill in with the name of your own fictitious cover band. I own one.

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