Monday, April 20, 2015

Musical Monday - Spock's Dog by Five Year Mission

This is the first Musical Monday song and video that I am actually in. There is a good chance that it is the only one I will be in for the foreseeable future, mostly because I have extraordinarily little musical talent. The redhead is in this video too, but that's not that exciting for her, because she was already in a music video before when she appeared in The Doubleclicks video for Love You Like a Burrito. Now that she's been in two music videos, her fame might go to her head. We are over there in the percussion section, listening to Andy Fark tell everyone to hit the beat "on the two and the four, and not the one and the three".

This is what passed for an alien
holding an alien in the 1960s
This video was recorded last year at Starbase Indy, a Star Trek themed convention held every year in Indianapolis on the weekend after Thanksgiving. Because the redhead and I seem to visit Indianapolis so often, we have made several nerdy friends there, and most of them are also in this video, either singing or sitting in the mostly tone-deaf percussion section with us. The song is part of Five Year Mission's upcoming Spock's Brain album, which will feature songs relating to the infamously bad Star Trek episode Spock's Brain, as well as songs about Spock in general. This song is a humorous take on a fairly silly scene from The Enemy Within in which an "alien" was made by the prop department by putting a unicorn horn on a dog, which was then handed over to Leonard Nimoy.

This is the sort of thing that gives me hope that fandom will survive all of the unpleasantness that is surrounding WorldCon right now. Because this is what fans do: They get together and sing a song about a goofy event in an episode on a show that they all love even though it went off the air nearly fifty years ago. Part of the joy of fandom is creating things. Making costumes, writing fanfic, writing fanzines, volunteering to put on conventions, sewing tribbles together, and yes, putting together a Star Trek tribute band. Fans create communities, and create tangible expressions of their love. No set of self-absorbed authors greedily grasping for undeserved awards can change that.

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