Monday, April 6, 2015

Musical Monday - Legend of Korra Theme

This week's Musical Monday selection is dedicated to John C. Wright, who helped engage in an unethical manipulation of the Hugo award nomination process in order to secure himself six entirely undeserved slots on the ballot. He, of course, won't see things that way, but then again, he thinks he talks to angels, believes that all Vulcans would be Roman Catholics, and imagines (without any evidence) that a cabal of "social justice warriors" have been secretly keeping him and his buddies off the Hugo ballot for more than a decade, so I'm not inclined to take his views seriously on much of anything.

Like many on the extremely conservative side of the spectrum, Wright thinks that "social justice warriors" are eternally outraged and will explode into fits of anger at tiny provocations, although there is little to support this theory. On the other hand, when two female characters held hands on series finale for the animated show Legend of Korra, Wright went on a hate-filled tirade in which he as much as accused them of destroying Western civilization by promoting the lesbian agenda1. Wright went so far as to accuse the creators of the series of child abuse on the grounds that they presented a nascent same-sex relationship to children. Granted, the Legend of Korra creators did later specify that the two women holding hands was intended to convey that they were in a romantic relationship, but there was nothing overt in the show itself that spelled this out, meaning that Wright's ranting about how the show was undermining the morals of children was patently silly, as almost no actual children would have picked up on this.

On the other hand, one has to wonder exactly how terrible it would have been if a child did pick up on the extraordinarily subtle hints of Sapphic love contained in the scene. Same-sex romantic relationships are adult material to be sure, but so are opposite-sex romantic relationships. I am certain that Wright would not have lost his mind over an opposite-sex relationship portrayed in the same way, even though that would be just as "adult" as what was actually shown. The answer to this apparent dichotomy is quite simple: Wright is a homophobic bigot who cloaks his hatred in Catholicism. Having a hissy-fit over the fact that The Legend of Korra might be seen by children is nothing more than a smokescreen to cover his generalized hatred towards gay people. The upshot of this is that for someone who derides others for going on rampages concerning actual injuries, Wright sure knows how to engage in a spittle-flecked screaming fit over pretty trivial things like animated television that affect his life in no way at all.

1 Since he received his six Hugo award nominations, John C. Wright has been deleting some of his obnoxious and hateful homophobic and misogynistic rants. One would think that if he thought he was correct, he'd leave his musings up without altering them. But like most "conservatives" of his spiteful bent, when push comes to shove he's really just a coward unwilling to stand by his own words. Among the rants he has deleted is the Legend of Korra rant referenced in this post. Sadly for Wright, the internet never forgets, and his rant is still available at Archive Today.

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