Monday, October 26, 2015

Muscial Monday - Vincent the Vegetable Vampire by Morgan Freeman

So, it is the season for vampires. So here's one of the best vampires ever put on children's television.

Long ago, Morgan Freeman was a regular cast member on the television show Electric Company helping teach kids to read. I'm convinced that one of the worst decisions that PBS ever made was to cancel this show. I'm also convinced that one of the worst decisions the Children's Television Workshop has made is to release only a tiny selection of the episodes of the show on DVD. If they had any sense, we'd be able to obtain and enjoy the full run of the series in a beautiful box set.

Leaving the poor decisions of the management at the Children's Television Workshop aside and turning to more important matters, this video features one of Freeman's regular characters on the show in the form of a wordy vampire who would sometimes bathe in his coffin. On this occasion he is expressing his love of vegetables in song. I'm not entirely sure how a vampire would sustain himself by drinking squash juice, but I suppose if that's what he wants, I'm not going to argue with a vampire. Especially a Morgan Freeman vampire.

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