Friday, October 2, 2015

Follow Friday - In Fantastic Four Issue 229 the Heroes Fight a Villain Who Is Basically a Black Hole

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And now for the Follow Friday Question: Pick three book characters . . . Kiss? Marry? Kill?

Because I've been reading some critical work concerning J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, I'm going to pick three characters from that set of books.

Kiss: Galadriel. Because who wouldn't want to kiss an elven queen so beautiful that she melts the heart of a dwarf? Besides, she is in all likelihood the oldest living being in Middle-Earth, and so she's got to be a pretty good kisser. On the other hand, the seeing into the future thing she does would probably be inconvenient for a longer term relationship. I'm pretty certain that any conversation that stated with "I looked into the future and you're going to forget our anniversary five years from now" is a conversation I never want to have.

Marry: Éowyn. Because even though beautiful elven queens are beautiful, they just aren't beautiful Rohirrim princesses who will ride into battle with you and take on one of the greatest evil beings in the history of the world. Also, Éowyn seems to have a thing for bookish guys, which would bode well for the future of our relationship.

Kill: Grima Wormtongue. Sure, Sauron, Saruman, and the Witch-King are higher grade evil than Wormtongue, and Gollum and Shelob might rank higher on the creepy scale, but there are few characters who are as loathsome. Plus, there's the fact that of all the villains in the series, Wormtongue is the only one whose goals are essentially to commit rape, so there's some extra offensiveness there.

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  1. Your Kill choice made me think of someone who turns up in all the Most Hated Character of Anime lists.

    Shou Tucker(the Sewing-Life alchemist) is small beer in comparison with the other vilains of Full Metal Alchemist, but I think it is partly because he is an example of normal people are capable of and what the heroes could become, that makes him so reviled.

    1. @ef8eb236-6ac9-11e5-0b7278666599: I think one of the reasons that Wormtongue is such a creepy villain is that he is so very human. Sauron is a demonic being. Saruman is an angelic being who has fallen. Gollum has been corrupted by the supernatural influence of a magic ring, and the Witch-King has as well.

      But Wormtongue is just an ordinary man who has thrown in his lot with evil. Evil that is supernatural, or the result of supernatural influence can be dismissed, but evil that is the result of the natural inclinations of a man is something that is truly frightening.

  2. I like your choices especially the kill one.

    Old Bloglovin' follower,
    Silvy @Books are my life