Monday, August 1, 2016

Musical Monday - Fight Song by the Singers at the Democratic National Convention

Okay, so this is an a capella version of Rachel Platten's Fight Song recorded specifically for the Clinton campaign that debuted at the Democratic National Convention. This version was created by Elizabeth Banks who drew upon the talents of several members of the cast of Pitch Perfect 2 as well as a number of other celebrities including Aisha Tyler, America Ferrara, Idina Menzel, Rob Reiner, Kristen Chenoweth, and Eva Longoria. If you don't like a capella music, you won't like this song. If you don't like the song Fight Song, you won't like this song. If you don't like Hillary Clinton or the Democratic Party, you won't like this song.

Leaving that aside, I love this rendition of this song. In a way, it seems to encapsulate the emotion of those who support Clinton. Look at these singers - they are joyful and happy. Look at Alan Cumming dancing with his dog, or America Ferrera as she cuts loose in her kitchen, or the smiles on the faces of Idina Menzel and Billy Porter as they sing, or even the earnestness of Ellen Greene - they are full of hope and love and determination. The contrast between the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention could not have been more stark. When the Democrats emphasized love, inclusion, and teamwork, the Republican convention was dominated by the rhetoric of division, exclusion, and anger. Most Republicans at the convention seemed animated not by a desire to be for something so much as by a desire to destroy perceived enemies. Even those who voiced support for the Republican nominee seemed to do so as a means of getting revenge upon those they disliked. Even if this were a normal political campaign, I'd pick the Democrats over the Republicans based upon the differences in their platforms and policy positions. Picking joy over anger would push that choice even further to the side of the Democrats.

But this is not a normal political campaign. I have never seen a political campaign where the choice was as stark as this one. As Ezra Klein said, this is not a contest between a Democrat and a Republican, or a liberal and a conservative, this is a choice between normal and abnormal. I am not usually given to hyperbole on issues like this - I rolled my eyes at people who said that George W. Bush would declare martial law and make himself President for life. I roll my eyes at the people who say that Obama is a secret Muslim hoping to undermine the United States from within, but in the event of a Trump presidency, I would fear for the survival of the Republic. At this point, I have to conclude that anyone supporting Trump is actively evil. I also have to conclude that anyone supporting Stein is dangerously naive, and anyone supporting Gary Johnson is selfishly juvenile. Like it or not, there is only one actual adult running for President, and her name is Hillary Clinton.

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