Monday, December 12, 2016

Musical Monday - Please Bring Firefly Back (for Christmas) by Mikey Mason

I want a lot of unrealistic things this holiday season. In most cases, what I want are big things that would require a time machine and some serious alterations to the past year. I wouldn't change the whole year, just large chunks of it. Asking for the return of Firefly seems almost plausibly achievable in comparison. I mean, as long as we are asking for things we can't have, we may as well ask for some nice things as well. I'd trade in Serenity in exchange for a couple seasons of episodes. Plus, it would be nice to have Wash back as well, although there's no way to have Shepard Book in a rebooted Firefly, which is a real shame. Hell, as long as we are asking for impossible things, we may as well ask for Ron Glass back too.

Fuck this year. Fuck it straight to hell. Merry Fucking Christmas.

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