Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Random Thought - Farewell Le Guin

When I was planning what I would write and post today, I thought about writing a post about why the Federal government sometimes shuts down. I thought about getting my review of The Wicked + the Divine: The Faust Act posted. I considered some other possibilities. And then I found out that Ursula K. Le Guin had died, and I didn't want to write about any of those things.

I have made no secret of my love for Le Guin's work - I don't really "rank" authors, but if I were to pick a favorite author, she would definitely be on the short list. Every piece of her writing that I have come across has been nothing short of brilliant. I've said before that being a science fiction fan means saying goodbye to your heroes on a regular basis. All of the losses hurt, but this one is going to hurt more and hurt longer.

I haven't reviewed much of Le Guin's fiction here - only two of her works of short fiction - mostly because I've never really felt bold enough to step up and evaluate her work that way. There are a handful of works that I have shied away from reviewing on that ground, but Le Guin is the only author whose entire body of work I have mostly left alone because of this. Sometimes I think this has been the wrong call. I love Le Guin's work, so maybe I should write about it to express that love. I don't know.

I do know that I'm going to be rereading some of her books in the near future, because that's all we have now.

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  1. It was a shock reading about this yesterday. I remember reading the Earthsea novels when they were just a trilogy... She was writing right into her old age, and her novel Lavinia was amazing. I’m finally reading The Left Hand Of Darkness on my iPad.

    Hopefully I will write a post about this on my own blog.