Sunday, January 6, 2019

Challenge - 2019 Linz Reading Challenge

In 2019 I am going to take on the 2019 Reading Challenge hosted by Linz the Bookworm. This challenge consists of several reading prompts divided into five categories. My goal for this year is to complete all five categories. The prompts are as follows:

Level 1: Book of the Month Club
1. Read a book with a red cover.
2. Read a young adult fiction book.
3. Read a book under 300 pages.
4. Read a book you got for free.
5. Reread the first book of a series you love.
6. Read a book that takes place during the summer.
7. Read a book whose title starts with the letter M.
8. Read a romance novel.
9. Read a book that has been turned into a TV Show or Movie.
10. Read a book with a title done in alliteration (example: Pride and Prejudice).
11. Read a New York Time's Best Seller (past or present).
12. Free Space - Pick any book to read!

Level 2: Casual Reader Club
13. Read a book by John Grisham.
14. Read a fantasy novel.
15. Read a book with a color in the title.
16. Reread a book you have recommended to someone else.
17. Read a detective novel.
18. Read a book with a number in the title.
19. Read a book about dragons.
20. Read a book published by Penguin Random House.
21. Read a book found on Project Gutenberg.
22. Read a book about an artist (fictional or real).
23. Read a book that was published in 1999.
24. Free Space - Pick any book to read!

Level 3: Dedicated Reader Club
25. Read book 1 in a trilogy.
26. Read book 2 in the same trilogy.
27. Read book 3 in the same trilogy.
28. Read a book recommended by a friend on social media.
29. Read a book about a librarian.
30. Read a book about breaking a code or a treasure hunt.
31. Read a book by Brandon Sanderson.
32. Read a book that takes place in a large city.
33. Read a book suggested by What Should I Read Next.
34. Read a book for under $3.00.

35. Read a book with exactly three words in the title.

36. Free Space - Pick any book to read!

Level 4: Speed-Reader Club
37.) Read a book over 500 pages.
38.) Read a book about time travel.
39.) Read a book with a form of weather in the title.
40.) Read a book published in 1969.
41.) Read a book authored by a Catherine/Katherine or variant.
42.) Read a book by Anne Rice.
43.) Read a book from Time's All-Time Top 100 Book List (find it here).
44.) Read a coming of age novel.
45.) Read a book involving mythology.
46.) Read a self-published book.
47.) Read a book with the word "dream" in the title.
48.) Free Space - Pick any book to read!

Level 5: Overachiever Club
49.) Read a book on a banned book list.
50.) Read the most recent book in a series you haven't finished.
51.) Read a book that you judged by its cover (either positively or negatively).
52.) Read a book that takes place in your home state.
53.) Read a book that takes place before 1965.
54.) Read a biography.
55.) Read a book you've previously abandoned.
56.) Read a book about a real or fictional politician.
57.) Read a book set in Asia.
58.) Read a book with a tree or forest on the cover.
59.) Read a book with the letter Z in the title.
60.) Free Space - Pick any book to read!

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  1. These look like lots of fun, but since I don't read all that many books, I'll stick to the New Releases Challenge and the Historical Fiction Challenge - for those all I do is try to read new releases and historical fiction during the year, which I already do! Good luck with your reading challenges.

    1. @Davida Chazan: I'm way behind on all my reading challenges this year. I'm hoping to catch up over the next couple of months.