Monday, September 23, 2019

Musical Monday - Begin the Beguine (Volver a Empezar) by Julio Iglesias

#1 on the Billboard Hot 100: Never.
#1 on the Cash Box Top 100: Never.
#1 on the U.K. Chart: The week of December 5, 1981.

This song sounds like it should have been the theme for a Spanish language version of the Love Boat. Or maybe it should have been featured in the Poseidon Adventure as the song sung by the lounge act before the ship flips over. Or perhaps just the featured song at a glittery disco bar in Ibiza.

Begin the Beguine isn't a bad song, but I don't really think it is a particularly good one either. It just isn't that memorable - it sounds like a thousand mediocre television theme songs made for the kind of projects Aaron Spelling helmed in the late 1970s and early 1980s. I have no specific memory of this song: It seems like it was too uncool even for my Mom, and probably too contemporary for my Grandparents. Or maybe they listened to it all the time and it simply faded into the background noise of middle-of-the-road television theme songs.

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