Wednesday, December 31, 1997

1997 Mythopoeic Award Nominees

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Comments: For no real apparent reason, in 1997 the Mythopoeic Awards temporarily merged the Best Children's Fantasy Literature category with the Best Adult Fantasy Literature category. There doesn't seem to have been any particular shortage of fantasy literature published in 1997 that would have spurred such a change, but all the same the Mythopoeic Society seems to have decided that having two categories was just too much trouble for this year, and condensed them into a single one.

The other unusual element of the 1997 Mythopoeic Awards is that the Inklings Studies category was won by a book about Charles Williams, breaking the long string of wins by books about Tolkien and Lewis. This year was sort of a high-water mark for non-Lewis and Tolkien books, as one of the three non-winning nominees was also about Williams.

Best Adult Fantasy Literature

The Wood Wife by Terri Windling

Other Nominees:
The Book of the Long Sun (Nightside of the Long Sun, Lake of the Long Sun, Caldé of the Long Sun, and Exodus from the Long Sun) by Gene Wolfe
Fair Peril by Nancy Springer
One for the Morning Glory by John Barnes
Winter Rose by Patricia A. McKillip

Scholarship Award in Inklings Studies

The Rhetoric of Vision: Essays on Charles Williams edited by Charles A. Huttar and Peter Schakel

Other Nominees:
C.S. Lewis: A Companion and Guide by Walter Hooper
Charles Williams: A Celebration edited by Brian Horne
The Hobbit: A Journey Into Maturity by William H. Green

Myth and Fantasy Studies

When Toys Come Alive: Narratives of Animation, Metamorphosis, and Development by Lois Rostow Kuznets

Other Nominees:
Lord Dunsany: Master of the Anglo-Irish Imagination by S.T. Joshi
The Supernatural and English Fiction by Glen Cavaliero
The Water of the Wondrous Isles edited by William Morris with notes by Norman Talbot

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