Monday, December 31, 2007

Biased Opinions

This is the list of all of the Biased Opinion posts that I have written. I call them biased opinions because I make no pretense of being an unbiased observer. I have certain leanings on various subjects that are informed by my education, background, and other factors. I think most Congress people are incompetent at their primary job of dealing with the Federal budget. I think creationists are idiots, and that actual science is mostly correct. I think that women should be treated as equals. I think copyright holders should generally have their property rights respected. And so on. If you are looking for some sort of detached "objective" analysis on a subject, this isn't the place to get it. If you are looking for the opinion of a reasonably well-educated and fairly experienced government appropriations lawyer and science fiction aficionado, you've come knocking on the correct door.

03/01/19: The Destructiveness of Voting Slates in Book Awards
11/14/18: I'm Done With Twitter
07/08/18: The Wailing Ignorance of the Star Wars Fanboys
09/28/16: Stopping Harassment After the Fact Just Isn't Good Enough
09/13/16: 2016 Hugo Awards Post Mortem
02/25/16: Why Sad Puppy Complaints Aren't Taken Seriously
08/25/15: 2015 Hugo Awards Post Mortem
04/16/15: No, You Probably Can't Separate a Work from Its Author
04/07/15: Sad Puppy Falsehoods, Tantrums, and Failures
04/02/15: Another Sad Puppy Fails History
02/10/15: Gender and the Hugo Awards
10/09/14: The Screaming Temper Tantrum of "GamerGate"
02/05/14: 22 Responses to 22 Creationist Questions
09/05/13: Value Does Not Exist
06/19/13: There Are No Fake Geek Girls, Only Jerk Geek Guys
06/09/13: Unkillable Characters
02/12/13: Lena Dunham and Aphrodite
02/05/13: A Good Man Steps Down and a Vile Lump of Crap Runs to Take His Place
11/23/12: A Rant About Holiday Posts
10/04/12: Typing With a Splint On Is Slow, Plus Thoughts About Public Television
03/01/11: The Top Ten Science Fiction Television Shows
02/25/11: Senator Reid Chases a Red Herring, Ignores His Actual Responsibilities
01/20/11: Cyberpunk, Neuromancer, Brooke Taylor, and Facebook
12/27/10: Margaret Atwood Makes a Fool Out of Herself, Again
12/06/10: A Defense of (and Farewell to) Confidentiality
11/22/10: Dairy Goat Journal Does the Right Thing
11/18/10: Real Trials Sometimes Result in Acquittals
11/17/10: An Open Letter to Judith Griggs
11/13/10: Thomas Jefferson, Still Not on the Side of Religion in Government
11/10/10: Was Dairy Goat Journal Simply Not Paying Attention This Week?
11/10/10: The United States Is Not Built on a Religious Foundation
11/09/10: Cooks Source Just Doesn't Get It
11/08/10: A Senator Lies to You and Me
11/04/10: Cooks Source, Judith Griggs, and Copyright
11/03/10: Marsha Blackburn and the Federal Budget
10/20/10: Glen Beck Reaches for the Stupid, and Succeeds
10/18/10: Watching Sister Wives and Wondering
01/30/09: Nitpicking Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings
09/16/08: Not All Opinions Matter
08/25/08: What Is a Sport?
08/24/08: Olympic Fraud and Disillusionment
05/07/08: No Squid Faced Aliens Need Apply
05/07/08: Been a While
02/05/08: Taxes

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