Monday, December 31, 1973

1973 Campbell Award Nominees

Location: Campbell Conference Awards Banquet in Lawrence, Kansas.

Comments: In the first year for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, the trophy was handed to Barry Malzberg for his novel Beyond Apollo, an entirely unsurprising result. The interesting thing this year was the decision to hand out a Special Award for Excellence in Writing to Robert Silverberg for his novel Dying Inside. It seems somewhat odd that in the inaugural year of the award the judges felt the need to create a special category and recognize a second work. I think Dying Inside is a good science fiction book, but I just don't see that it is good enough that there would be a compelling reason to create a special award category just to recognize it.

Best Novel

Beyond Apollo by Barry N. Malzberg

Second Place:
The Listeners by James E. Gunn

Third Place:
Darkening Island by Christopher Priest

Special Award for Excellence in Writing

Dying Inside by Robert Silverberg

Other Nominees:

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