Saturday, April 20, 1974

1974 Campbell Award Nominees

Location: California State University in Fullerton, California.

Comments: In 1974, the Campbell Award for Best Novel resulted in not one, but two ties, which is odd, because technically, there is only one award given. But because they track second (and usually third) place finishers rather than simply list all of the shortlisted but non-winning nominees (like most other awards do), the award found itself with a tie for both first and second place.

The other odd thing about the 1974 Campbell Awards is that the judges saw fit to hand out an award for Best Nonfiction Book, which went to Carl Sagan's The Cosmic Connection. As with Silverberg's 1973 Special Award for Writing Excellence for his novel Dying Inside the year, this award category seems to have had no precedent at the Campbell Awards, and the category has not been repeated, making its appearance in this year all the more mystifying.

Best Novel

(tie) Malevil by Robert Merle
(tie) Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke

Second Place:
(tie) The Embedding by Ian Watson
(tie) The Green Gene by Peter Dickinson

Best Nonfiction Book

The Cosmic Connection by Carl Sagan

Other Nominees:

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