Thursday, March 31, 2011

Follow Friday - Bravos, Franko, Gilpin, Jefferson, Jiminez, Lever, Maggott, Pinkley, Posey, Sawyer, Vladek, and Wladislaw*

It's Friday again, which means it's time for Follow Friday. To join the fun and make now book blogger friends, just follow these simple rules:
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And now for the Follow Friday Question: What is the book that you really don't want to admit to loving??

Hmm. That's a tough one for me. Not because I have great taste in books, or because I don't like dorky things. But rather because I'm not really ashamed to admit to loving any of the books I love. I guess the closest thing would be admitting that I love Lynn Johnston's For Better or For Worse compilations  - the doings of a pretty ordinary suburban family are just so very bland that it just seems somehow off that I enjoy reading them so much.

*Anyone who gets the reference in the title of this blog post gets a prize. The prize is my being impressed by their ability to answer obscure questions.

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  1. Hopping by and now following, too! I also like books that are suburban based, though I don't chose to read them too often. Maybe we all need a bit of a familiarity-fix now and then?

    Take care & happy reading,
    Ms. C

  2. Gosh, I don't think there's any book I'm ashamed of loving. There might be a book or two or three that I've picked up and been disgusted by, but I usually toss those into the donation bin at the library.

  3. Who are the actors of The Dirty Dozen?

  4. @Jen: Thank you so much! Of course I'll visit!

  5. @Mrs. C: I dunno, maybe. I think one of the things I like about For Better or For Worse is that the characters age along with the strip - when Johnston started it Michael was four or five, and now he's a married adult with his own kids.

  6. @Julia: Me too, except I don't throw the bad books out. I store them on my shelf to keep them from being released upon an unsuspecting humanity.

  7. @Jenni: You are so very, very close!

  8. I meant the characters of the Dirty Dozen. *shakes head in shame*

  9. @Jenni: That's it! And now the prize - I am truly impressed by your command of obscure trivia!

  10. I've seen some surprising answers but I think my response to this week's Follow Friday question will shock most.

    I have to say that I loved the Harry Potter series but have a really hard time admitting it. It's teenage stuff. Perfect for the YA audience, sure.

    But a grown man who just last week blogged about wishing he could step inside the Rogue Warrior book series with Navy SEALs shooting, looting, drinking and wenching has got a real hard time admitting to loving teenie-bopper Harry Potter.

    I go into much more detail on my blog and welcome all comments -

    All I ask is that everyone try and keep their comments civil. It's cool to disagree but flame wars are NOT cool.

    Thank God it's Follow Friday!
    Howard Sherman