Sunday, June 26, 2011

Event - InConjunction: July 1st-3rd, 2011 in Indianapolis

So, next weekend Catherine Asaro will be the guest of honor at InConjunction in Indianapolis, Indiana. She'll be bringing her band The Diamond Project as well (which features Music Guest of Honor Donald Wolcott), and they will be performing twice. There's a whole pile of other guests too - artists, writers, musicians, and just generally notable nerds. Who else is going to be there? Me, that's who.

InConjunction runs from July 1st to July 3rd (nerdy side note, the same three days in which the Battle of Gettysburg was fought 148 years ago), and promises to be a weekend full of geeky goodness. There's going to be a Dr. Who room playing a mixture of new and old Dr. Who episodes mixed with some episodes of the Sarah Jane Chronicles, an anime room, and a movie room where the cheesy awesomeness of movies like Army of Darkness and Bubba Ho-Tep will be shown. This being a science fiction convention, these showings will play all day and all through the night, with (very) short breaks in the mornings. And I haven't even mentioned the panels, presentations and other geeky events that are on the schedule. Because it will be the Fourth of July weekend, there's even going to be a 1776 sing-along. I expect that when I come home on July 4th, I'll be completely dead from three straight days of zero sleep.

And all of this will be great, but for me the real draw is Catherine Asaro. I love science fiction, but I especially love written science fiction, and hers is great. I'm currently working my way through her Skolian Empire series, which is probably her best known work (since it spans more than a dozen books) and also, in my opinion, her best work. The best part is that even though I have read several of her books, I still have a pile of her stuff left to read. She has an official web page titled simply Catherine Asaro, and a Facebook fan page.

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