Friday, June 24, 2011

Follow Friday - Twenty-Two Is the Same Backwards and Forwards

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And now for the Follow Friday Question: In light of the Summer Solstice. Also known as Midsummer . . . let's talk about fairies. What is your favorite fairy tale or story that revolves around the fae?

Most people have probably realized this but I'm something of a traditionalist so I'm going to go with Evangeline Walton's novels based upon the Four Branches of the Mabinogion: Prince of Annwn, The Children of Llyr, The Song of Rhiannon, and The Island of the Mighty. Built on the central stories of Welsh legend, Walton's books capture the Fey at their source - fierce, dangerous, and frightening like Arawn, but also beautiful and loving like Rhiannon. In the myths, the world of Faerie is a strange place that does not conform to human expectations, but the characters weave back and forth between the worlds often. Walton's books are more accessible than the Mabinogion itself, but retain the tone of the original poems, and they, along with Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain and Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising series are why I love Welsh mythology.

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  1. Great choice! There are so many stories to choose from; this was quite the difficult question for me. I'd love if you checked out what I picked for this FF :D

    Btw, LOVE THE BLOG... I quickly became a NEW follower.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you,
    Cory @ Anti-Drug Reads

  2. Hey stopping by from follow friday, great choices & great blog! Looking forward to more posts. Have a great weekend. New follower!

    Darcy @ Open Book Empty Cup

  3. hi,
    OMG the children of Lyr. I so loved that one.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hmm, I know of The Dark Is Rising series, but Evangeline Walton is new to me - I'm going to check her out on Goodreads right now. Thanks!

    Sally @ Bibrary Bookslut

  5. New follower,,I haven't heard of your picks..but Im gonna write them,,down,,,thanks for sharing
    have a great weekend.

  6. It's nice to see something different. I'll have to check these books out.

  7. Never heard of these before. I will have to look them up. Nice answer, always a pleasure to discover new picks.

    Here's my Friday

    Amy@adumbrations (new follower)

  8. @Anti-Drug Reads: Interesting response on your blog. I wouldn't have thought of that. Following you back by the way.

  9. @Darcy: Thank you. I've been remiss lately at posting regularly, but I hope that will be rectified now. I hope you enjoy my ramblings about science fiction, fantasy, and anything else that pops into my head and is somewhat book related.

  10. @Kyanara: I love all four of Evangeline's books in the series, but that one is excellent.

  11. @Sally Sapphire: I hope you enjoy them. Let me know what you thought of them.

  12. @Jennifer: I hope they give you as much enjoyment as they have given me.

  13. @Jenni: Always glad to give the skewed perspective :)

  14. Hey there, I find your blog via Follow Friday, and I'm your latest follower!

    If you get a moment, head over to Teen Fiction Centre and have a look around!

  15. @Teen Fiction Center: Nice to meet you. I tried to follow your link, but it appears to be broken.

  16. Hopping through. I've always wanted to read Lloyd Alexander and Susan Cooper's books. They're classics.
    My Hop

  17. @Alison: Lloyd Alexander is one of my favorite authors. I picked up a book of his I had not seen before at a library book sale today. Susan Cooper's books are excellent too.

  18. Hi! We found your site through Follow Friday! We are also now following you as well!

    I enjoyed your answers...nice choices!

    Cheers & Happy Writing~

  19. @Tammy and Mike: Thank you. I checked out your site. I love it and am following you back.