Monday, August 6, 2012

Musical Monday - Storms by Fleetwood Mac

There are some songs that you enjoy, but don't really understand until experience teaches you their true meaning. Storms is one of those songs. I have always enjoyed this song, but like Against the Wind by Bob Seger, Running on Empty by Jackson Browne, and so many others, it wasn't until age and experience taught me its true meaning that I was able to really love and appreciate it.

As a side note, although I usually like to choose live versions of songs, Fleetwood Mac didn't start playing this song live until 2009. Even though it originally appeared on their 1981 album Tusk, the subject matter was apparently too painful to perform live, which, given how brutal some of the songs that they did routinely play live are, is quite a statement. But by 2009 when they did begin playing it live, Christine McVie was no longer touring with the band, and to me, Fleetwood Mac without Christine McVie is just not Fleetwood Mac.

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  1. I know what you mean. My husband taught me to appreciate Fleetwood Mac and see the meanings behind their songs.

  2. @Julia Rachel Barrett: Its kind of funny, given the question that cropped up concerning reading in the last round of "Blog Hop/Follow Friday" posts, but my mood influences the music I listen to much more than it influences the books I read. Maybe it is because the music is much more immediate than reading in some ways, and much easier to change when your mood changes.