Friday, November 23, 2012

Biased Opinion - A Rant About Holiday Posts

At the outset, I will say that I do appreciate the irony that is inherent in what I am about to write. I also know that it will make me seem fairly curmudgeonly. It is also, more or less, an explanation of why I don't normally do holiday posts.

I really don't like Thanksgiving posts. Rather, I really don't like special holiday posts no matter what holiday they celebrate. Whenever I sit down at my computer and head to my favorite blog, or web comic, or other website and punch in the address, and then feel the let down of yet another post that says "Happy Thanksgiving", usually accompanied by a cute picture. And why is it a let down? Because on most holidays I am already inundated by holiday related messages and yet one more seems redundant and almost pointless. If I wanted a Thanksgiving Day message, or a Halloween message, or a Christmas message I could find a thousand places to get one of those. But when I go to a webcomic about weregeeks, or stick figure fantasy adventurers, or a website about role-playing games, or a book blog, I'm usually looking to get away from the hubbub of the holiday.

But my objection to holiday posts isn't just that I am looking for something non-holiday related. It is that when someone puts up a holiday post it seems like they are just mailing in their material for the day. It seems like an almost perfunctory decision to put up a post saying "Merry Christmas!" or 'Happy Fourth of July!" or whatever holiday is being mentioned in the post or strip for that day. It requires no real thought on the part of the creator, and is more or less just a placeholder until the next "real" entry or update is put out there.

As a result, because it seems to me that holiday posts are so boringly routine, and because they seem almost lazy in a way, I dislike them, and I rarely post them.

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  1. Fair sentiment - you'll get no argument here. :)

    I don't mind a holiday themed post, so long as there is substantial content involved. For instance, I look forward to horror reviews for Halloween.

    The generic holiday message with a family photo or piece clipart you've seen a hundred times that day, though, is definitely an annoyance.

  2. This makes a lot of sense. Can't say I would disagree about the generic holiday filler post. Like Bob, I think some original content makes it acceptable. People shouldn't stop the awesomeness just because they're wishing you a happy holiday.

  3. @Bob Milne: Generally I agree. If an author is doing a holiday themed post that has content that would stand up on its own, then that is perfectly fine in my book. It is the lazy "Happy Thanksgiving" banner with nothing more that annoys me.

  4. @Susan Francino: I would generally prefer no update to a mailed in "holiday" post. It feels like the author is just trying to placate the masses before getting to their own holiday celebration. If you're going to take a break to enjoy Christmas or Thanksgiving, or whatever, just go ahead and do that. Don't toss off some lazy filler because you think you have to publish something. Your readers can wait a day or two for new material.