Monday, November 26, 2012

Musical Monday - Chiron Beta Prime by Jonathan Coulton (with Paul & Storm)

Now that it is after Thanksgiving, it is permissible to begin anticipating Christmas. But, as usual, I don't really see the holiday the same way many other people do. In my opinion, The Nightmare Before Christmas is the greatest Christmas movie ever made, and no Holiday season is complete without an ode to the joys of living in exile on an asteroid while being watched over by armed robot overlords. I mean guards. I mean protectors. Simply put, Jonathan Coulton's song is one of my favorite season appropriate songs.

In addition, Jon Coulton is such a fun performer. In this rendition, as he does at all of his live shows, he brings an audience member on stage to provide the "Message Redacted" line late in the song. Often (although not in this video), the audience member also voices the "keyboard solo" in the middle of the song. But the best part of this video is when Colton forgets one of the lines of the song. His response? To ask the audience when the line is. Because he knows that they will know, and will be more than happy to bring him up to speed. So sit back, enjoy your Soylent Green pie while inhaling the delectable fumes of the ammonia scented snow while being good so Robo Santa doesn't kill you, and listen to the delightful saga of the Andersons as they ring in Christmas with some holiday cheer.

Note: Here's an alternative version of the song. It is still Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm performing, but it is at a different venue with a different audience member sharing the stage with them. her name is Alyssa, and she steals the show with her personality onstage. The video quality isn't that great though, which is why I didn't pick the clip for the Musical Monday selection.

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