Thursday, November 15, 2012

Notice - Repair Work Underway

Some people who read this blog might have noticed that posting has been a little light the last week or so. And by "light" I mean "almost nonexistent".

There is a reason for this other than I am simply not bothering to post anything. The reason is this: a few days ago I noticed that several of the images I had attached to blog posts were vanishing. As in, they were transforming from images to broken non-images. I have no idea why this happened, or if it will happen again in the future. The images in question were all uploaded to the Blogger server, and so they should be sitting digitally with the rest of my blog content. The HTML code for the images is still sitting in the blog page. The image just isn't there any more.

There appears to be no pattern regarding the missing images. Some are on recent posts. Some are on old posts. Some are book covers. Some are not. So this means I have to go back and fix all those broken images by re-uploading the image, and then fix all of the other instances of that image on the blog that link to the original uploaded images. And then I have to go back and check all of the blog pages to make sure none of them have broken images that I don't know about. And with more than nine hundred posts on the blog, that will take some time.

I've been considering moving from Blogger to Word Press for this blog. Blogger is easy to use, but I think I'm beginning to strain its capabilities. I can't move just yet, as I don't have some things in place that I need to have in place to make the switch, but I'm aiming at moving sometime shortly after the start of 2013. In the meantime, I just have to patch things together with the internet equivalent of spackle and duct tape and hope things don't fall apart.



  1. Really odd the images are vanishing. Guess I need to look back at my recent posts, just in case.

  2. Well, fix what you have to fix. Someone did hack my wordpress site at one point and delete two posts and several images. Can't imagine how it happened.

  3. @Alex J. Cavanaugh: I really can't seem to figure out what caused it. The HTML looks good on the page, but unless I reupload the image, no image.

  4. @Julia Rachel Barrett: It seems to be a widespread problem for me. I've already identified more than four dozen missing images, and that's just from a quick scan over the most obvious places.