Monday, July 7, 2014

Musical Monday - Really Big Chickens by The Doubleclicks

Starting with Clever Girl, their ode to velociraptors, the Doubleclicks have been the go-to band for songs about dinosaurs or dinosaur-like creatures. After all, they have both a song and an entire album titled Dimetrodon, although to be precise, dimetrodons were not dinosaurs, but rather synapsids and died out about forty million years before dinosaurs appeared. Dimetrodons were also "mammal-like" reptiles, although they have no currently living descendants. The Doubleclicks also released a reworked version of their song Godzilla on their Dimetrodon album, and Godzilla is, depending on which origin story you're using, some sort of mutated dinosaur-like creature. Who doesn't look like any actual dinosaur that ever exited. And breathes atomic fire. But those are just details.

But they have outdone themselves with Really Big Chickens, a song about all dinosaurs, not just one kind. And they are right, dinosaurs are just really big chickens. Or since dinosaurs came first, should chickens be regarded as just being really small dinosaurs? I don't know. Are dinosaurs and chickens subject to the commutative property? There's some pretty smart stuff in the song about growing up too.

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