Monday, July 14, 2014

Musical Monday - Still Alive by Jon Coulton and Felicia Day

So, the redhead started playing through Portal again. Actually, she started playing through Portal 2 again, since our copy of Portal is currently on loan to a friend of ours. And, well, I got sucked into playing Portal 2 as well. So to commemorate this occasion, I'm featuring a song that doesn't appear in the game I'm playing, but rather in the previous game in the series. Of course this doesn't make sense, but I've been spending my time with Wheatley, so nonsensical things seem normal right now.

Also, even though she is singing the song, Felicia Day is not GLaDOS. At least not to my knowledge. I don't think she's killed hundreds of test subjects and then been murdered before being revived and placed in a potato. Probably. Maybe. I don't know. She is a little bit scary sometimes.

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