Monday, July 21, 2014

Musical Monday - Want You Gone by Jonathan Coulton

Is there an award for "Most Video Game Closing Credit Songs Written from the Perspective of a Homicidal Computer"? Because if there is, I think Jon Coulton has that category locked up forever. Actually, I think with two such songs - Still Alive from Portal and Want You Gone from Portal 2 - he may be his only competition.

This performance by Jon singing the song he wrote is a rare event - the original recording for the Portal 2 closing credits was done by Ellen McLain, the voice of GLaDOS - and Jon doesn't seem to perform it very often because he doesn't really sound like GLaDOS. On the other hand, even Ellen McLain's recording of this song from the Portal 2 end credits isn't really reproducible by her, because for the video game her voice was electronically distorted so that she would sound like the murderously insane computer. With that said, having heard both GLaDOS sing the song and Jon sing the song, I like Jon's version better, but then again, I favor Jon's version of a lot of songs that he sings.

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